The Victorian Cameo Glass Pieces of Thomas Webb & Sons

Halim Family Museum of Time Glass pic

Halim Family Museum of Time Glass

Cameel Halim is an experienced Evanston, Illinois, real estate investment entrepreneur who has been collecting rare timepieces and objet d’art for decades. In 2016, Cameel Halim’s long-held dream of opening a museum featuring his extensive collection is coming to fruition with the Halim Family Museum of Time & Glass. Among the featured pieces at the soon-to-open institution is a Thomas Webb & Sons cameo glass jar from the late 19th century.

One of the most well-established Victorian glasshouses, Thomas Webb & Sons maintained a location in Stourbridge, England. At the studio, the brothers Thomas and George Woodall were particularly known for their production of classically inspired cameo glass. This style of glass came to popularity in the early 19th century, as craftsmen tried to replicate a dark blue color specific to an ancient vase unearthed in a Roman sarcophagus.

It took until the 1870s until a comparable modern cameo glassmaking technique was perfected that incorporated advanced techniques such as acid etching. Today, Thomas Webb cameo glass pieces are highly sought after and known for their rich, vibrant blues, reds, and yellows.