Halim Time and Glass Museum Opens

Halim Time and Glass Museum pic

Halim Time and Glass Museum
Image: halimmuseum.org

Chicago-based real estate investor Cameel Halim and his wife have shared a passion for collecting historic timepieces for decades. On September 26, 2017, Cameel Halim and his family opened the Halim Time and Glass Museum to share their collection of fine antiques with the world.

The new museum is located at 1560 Oak Avenue in Chicago and contains a large collection of antique timepieces and expansive floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows from America and Europe. There are over 1,100 clocks and over 30 meticulously restored stained glass windows on display.

The first floor of the museum showcases stained glass works from many American artists, displayed against lit backgrounds to highlight the rich color schemes. Whereas European glass artists traditionally painted on windows, Americans “painted” by coloring the glass itself, creating new colors and effects.

The second floor is dedicated to antique timepieces. The collection includes Egyptian sundials, mechanical timepieces going back to the 1600s, chronometers, automatons, and pocket watches. On display are pieces which were commissioned for Catherine the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte. It is not just history on display, but also culture, tradition, commerce, and science.

To learn more about the museum, please visit halimmuseum.org.


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