Citizens for Kenilworth’s Fight to Save Historic Homes

Citizens for Kenilworth

Citizens for Kenilworth


A licensed structural engineer, Cameel Halim is the president of Wilmette, Illinois-based CH Ventures, LLC. Experienced in acquiring and upgrading old houses, Cameel Halim helped Citizens for Kenilworth preserve the architecturally beautiful homes of the village of Kenilworth, Illinois.

The group Citizens for Kenilworth was formed in an attempt to preserve the beautiful homes along the streets of Kenilworth. The houses, some of which were designed by famed architects such as Daniel Burnham, George W. Maher, and Frank Lloyd Wright, were under threat of demolition from developers seeking to build prime properties in the area.

Many of the homes include unique architectural features such as balconies, ornate detailing, and arched doorways and windows, all of which are difficult to replicate. In addition to the harm to the village’s aesthetic beauty, demolitions and new developments are a threat to the village‘s ancient trees and comprehensive drainage system.