Daniel H. Burnham – A Brief Biography

A structural engineer and real estate entrepreneur, Cameel Halim has worked to revitalize neighborhoods and preserve historic homes throughout the Chicago area. In 2005, Cameel Halim was involved in a deal that prevented the demolition of a beautiful home designed by the firm of Daniel H. Burnham.

Born in 1846, Daniel H. Burnham was a famed Chicago architect who is credited with being the father of the modern skyscraper. Burnham’s architectural career began in 1872 in the Chicago office of Carter, Drake, and Wight, where he worked as a draftsman and met his future business partner, John Wellborn Root. Together, the two men designed several well-known Chicago buildings, including the Rookery, the Reliance Building, and the Montauk Building, before Root’s early death in 1891.

Later, Burnham served as the chief coordinating architect of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and coauthored the Plan of Chicago, which formed the basis of city planning in Chicago and other cities across the United States. Burnham also founded the Chicago School of Architecture and served as president of the American Institute of Architects. His best-known work outside of Chicago includes New York’s Flatiron Building and Union Station in Washington.